My First Hunting trip

It was one of my new-year’s resolutions: Do something that scares you!

So I got introduced to Chris Günther at Aloe Africa Hunting Safaris, and it was clear, this is something I have to do. My friends thought I am crazy!  “You are too much of a princess”, “you will never be able to pull that trigger”, “Shame, poor animal”, were some of the responses I got, until I decided not to tell anyone about it any more.

I prepared myself emotionally for this expedition and the journey to the Ranch was a mixed emotional one. Once on the Ranch I was welcomed by the host, and showed around. The place is beautiful and the views from the room is breathtaking. Dinner was prepared with so much care and love that made me feel right at home. I was hoping they would not notice that I am a bit nervous about this whole thing, and I guess I pulled it off because no one asked me about it.

Early the next morning, I woke up with peace in my heart. When I directed my thoughts towards the stalking and shooting that has to happen that day, I realised that us as humans were given these animals as feed. The same way lions hunt to eat them, we may hunt and eat them. The fear came back for a brief second, and then I know this: if you want to shoot an animal just for fun, it is probably not the right thing to do, but if you kill it for food, that it is ok.

I was collected from my room, and after a hot cup of coffee, we jumped into the vehicle and off we went. I was taken for some target practice so Chris could see if I can hold a gun and actually shoot with it. We staked the whole day until finally we found it! It was not a deadshot, and the HP’s had to go after it, but they found it, and killed it.

I was amazed with the utmost respect they treated the animals, so quiet and so respectful in their last moments.

Chris went back to get the vehicle, and so we loaded it and went back to the Lodge. Of course I was awaited with a wonderful dinner and a well deserved glass of wine.

I would definitely say that this was one of the worst ‘to do’s I had to face in my life, but it turned out into the best experience ever! This is something I would do again – for sure.

Thank you to all the staff and owners at Aloe Africa Hunting Safaris for this experience . It is clear that your clients are not just clients, but they become your friends.

Written by Tina Krynauw